Thursday 26 June 2014, Timor Leste Day 8

Same to Hatu Builico.

Its not a holiday, its an adventure (a favourite saying of motorcycle adventurer Kevin Sanders, Globebusters).

This was the day of my first 'off'. The road to Mount Ramaleu is somewhat challenging. Originally cut out by the Portuguese, the surface is a combination of mud, large stones worn smooth over many years, water and potholes. The 18 kilometres from the turnoff to Hatu Builico takes about an hour. Very exciting.

Anyhow, as my motorised Timor pony and I were exiting a fairly large pothole, the front wheel washed out to the right and I fell to the left. If I had the left side covered by a bent leg motorcross-style, or even if I had been standing up with my weight over the front wheel, I may have made it through OK. The damage wasn't too bad; a broken mirror and bent gear lever. The team first secured the scene, checked my minor gravel rash and covered it in iodine to prevent infection. They then bent back the gear lever and we were off again. Great stuff. 

A mighty Kawasaki Ninja?

This is the corner I washed out the front wheel and let the bike have a er, small sleep.The fine dirt creates a fairly slippery layer above the smooth rocks and it takes a fair bit of skill and attention to not come off. As well as a little bit of luck.

Our support driver, Edu. The Timor Stig.