Saturday 5 July 2014. Reflections on Timor Leste

I've been back a week and its given me time to clean my gear, start back at university, post some photos to the blog and so on. Haven't had time to visit the farm yet and I'll have to do so soon. Its also given me time to reflect back on the trip and I hope that I can add some words to the pictures I've uploaded.

Before leaving I was often asked "why Timor?" and would reply "because its there, man". That is to say, why not Timor. The truth is that as a trip the timing was perfect, the cost was doable and it is about time I stop watching other bpeoples adventures and start some of my own. This trip was not just a trip on its own but part of a journey for more adventures. The next obvious questions are:

Did you enjoy it? Heck yeah! It was a scream.

What were the other guys on the trip like? Tour leaders like David Carlos are a rare breed and he was brilliant. My two riding comrades, Alan and Tim were excellent company, great riders and I hope will remain good friends. I think I lucked out to have such good company.

Would you do it again? As soon as time, money and circumstances permit, I will go. Timor Adventures has a 13 day tour option and David has some excellent ideas for larger adventures and I hope to find my way on to some of those as well.

Would you recommend it? Yes, but not to everyone. You do need to be able to ride off-tarmac OK and have a great sense of adventure. If you are after a nice BMW GS style adventure and be tucked away each night, its not for you. Conversely if you wnat to have some excellent riding over all sorts of terrain, happy to try a range of culinary delights then book now. ( ).

Here are some Youtube clips to help paint a better picture of what it is all about:

My own clip, mainly helmet camera footage and some photographs at the end:

Timor Adventures own Youtube channel:

 Caroline Pemberton from "Places we go" video: