Thursday 19 June 2014. Timor Leste, Day 1

First day in Dili. Flights with Jetstar to Darwin and then Air North to Dili were fine, with no problems. Arriving a day early to catch up on sleep and have a walk around was a very good idea. Tomorrow we ride.

View along the main road in Dili looking back at the Dive Timor Lorosae. This is the 'home base' for punters on Timor Adventures motorcycle tours.

Looking towards the east from beach just down from the Dive Centre.

These outrigger canoes are used nightly for fishing. The outriggers are anything the owners can find that will do the job. In these boats they have used both steel waterpipe as well as PVC down/drain pipe.

View from the Castaway Bar, early morning. The Castaway Bar sits on top of the Dive Centre and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Friday nights it becomes a very popular nightspot with a very rocking band.