Saturday 21 June 2014, Timor Leste Day 3

The first full real riding day of the tour. We're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy. The ride starts in Dili and goes to Becau via some incredible views.

The logistics and organisation of the team at Timor adventures is great. On each bike we have a kit on very sturdy magnetic tank bag with maps of the day's ride, Timor mobile phone and phone list.

A nice dry start to the day.  My usual response of  "just ride faster" seems somewhat inappropriate in Dili traffic.

Dollar Beach. During the UN days, this was a popular beach for the UN staff. The local children would "charge" the punters a dollar to swim at their beach.

Alan (one L is enough), Tim and David. What a team we made. Not seen is Edu, the Timor Stig. Edu drove the Hilux support vehicle and is a very talented driver.

This memorial is in the home town of freedom fighter Xanana Gusmao, Lalita and reminds us that the great nation of Timor Leste is built on the skulls of its people. A very sad and poignant reminder of the history of Timor.

One of the local markets. Looked for a replacement riding jacket but funnily enough, not much my size.

Out first overnight stay at Becau.

Timor Leste's only full size swimming pool. They fill it up, use it for a few days and then release the water. No need to filter the water that way.

Indonesian occupation era statue/monument in Becau. Many of these have been destroyed on purpose or just alowed to fall into disrepair.

Timor red bananas. A stronger flavour than our preferred Cavendish bananas.