Thursday 17 April 2014 - Road Testing some modifications

Today I had a quick ride up to Mount Mee Pit Stop Cafe to test out the DIY tool tubes. My main concern was that the PVC would be strong enough and on the right-hand-side that there were no heat issues from the exhaust. I was also interested how having the tools squared away would affect the handling. Until now they have either been in the rear case or in the saddle bags. In the rear case the tools are up high which raises the centre of gravity. Bening so far back they are behind the rear axle and then create a pendulum effect. So by bringing the tools forward and lower should improve handling. I've also increased the rear spring preload. When the tools were placed in the saddlebags, they would move about a bit and create a bit of unpredictablity. Being further out from the centre line of the bike also causes problem with the centre of mass.


Taking the more demanding route up Campbells Pocket Road from Wamuram to the cafe and then back again after a cup of coffeee I could easily notice the difference. When I checked the speedo, I was doing easily another 10 kilometres per hour than I had before and also with greater predictability. The ultimate improvement for handling and ride would be to use aome form of toolboz mounted to the lower front of the frame but that would put the tools in a place where they get covered in dirt, dust and moisture. Just as importantly an alloy toolbox with frame mounts would cost over $150.00. The DIY tooltubes cost about $45.00 in parts and paint and I learnt something.