Saturday 26 April 2014 - ANZAC Day/Weekend Ride, Day 2

Saturday morning saw a late start before heading off from the country cabin. First job was to get a new battery for Peter's bike. His MotoBatt battery, only four months old, had packed it in. A few locals pointed us to David from JSI Motorcycles (11 Gourlas Court, Stanthorpe. Tel: 07 4681 1653). David quickly sourced a SSB battery and tested the MotoBatt. Full marks for Davd and SSB. Given that this is the third MotoBatt that I know has failed in less than a year, I can't be too positive about them.

Here's a few photo's of the cabin. We stayed there due to the superb generousity of the owners:

With all bikes working, full tanks of petrol and a McDonalds breakfast we were off. Crossing the border, we had our passports and visas checked.

We then stopped at Tenterfield. The first order of business was the Mount MacKenzie lookout. It is well worth the drive/ride up. If you are on a bike that must be kept clean, be aware that there is a small amount of graded dirt road. Not an issue for us.

After Mount MacKenzie Lookout, we then trooped in to the Henry Parks School of Arts museum. If you study Australian history at all, this is well worth a look. Here's a hint: if you join the National Trust, it's free admission!

The staff were great and asked us about our travels. When we said that our next stop was Casino, Karen (not my Karen, another one) mentioned that she recently did a pillion ride on a Ducati to Casino. Upon arrival she kissed the ground! Ducati does and Ducati is I guess! Of course, this left us rubbing our hands with glee and anticipation.

Helmet Cam videos to come ...