A new February, a new trip. Tuesday 4 Feb 2014

Today I headed of on what has become an annual pilgrimage to the Adventure Travel Film Festival. This is the third running of the festival and if I arrive safely, it will be my third time there. I'm not confident I will make it in 2015, we will have to see how my university studies go.
This year I am doing a few things different. No laptop; I'm using my Samsung android phone and tablet to update the blog and keep in touch. That will save three kilograms of weight off the bike. I've also replaced the bike's battery with a more power Lithium battery which makes it crank better and gives another three kilogram weight saving. The cooking gear has been left at home as there are plenty of places to buy healthy food at decent prices and the tyre changing gear has been left behind as well.
One my first day I stopped overnight at Haydn and Diane's, a couple of motorcycle world travellers extraordinairres and very inspiring.  They will be the official photographers for the next Horizons Unlimited meeting in Beaudesert, Queensland in October 2014.
Here is the view from their front balcony.