Day Ten - The trip with no name - Sunday 17 Feb 2013

All good things must come to an end and so did the Adventure Travel Film Festival. On Sunday afternoon they held a pig-on-a-spit barneque and party but I elected to get going down to Melbourne so that I could spend a bit more time with my old school friend, Carol.

Packing the tent was much easier than putting it up and was putting the tent away, I found the instructions. So hopefully the next time I use the tent, it will go up much more easily.

So down the Hume Highway and off to Ferntree Gully. A nice, easy safe ride. On Friday I posted off another 4.8 kilograms of stuff back home, so now my bike looks like Fat Albert on a diet. More importantly, it has probably shed about eight kilograms since leaving home originally. The bike is running much more sweetly and there is now plenty of spare room in the panniers. I may even be able to collapse the expansion space in the panniers.

The Garmin Montana 650T GPS is a nice little unit that I have mounted to the handlebars. It lead me straight to Carol's place with very little problem. A lot of people prefer the Zumo range, but I find the Montana to be a lot more sturdy and robust.

Another important thing to note is that it is also the second Sunday that I missed out on a church service and I don't want that to be a pattern, so in the next day or so I will plan ahead and try to make Saturday night accomodation somewhere near a church.