Day Seven - The trip with no name - Thursday 14 Feb 2013

Not much to report today. I had a chance to help out a little with the Adventure Travel Film Festival and enjoy the rain. The Yamaha is also known as "The Rainmaker", so I will accept responsibility for the rain.

I thought I would use the blog to share some thoughts that may be along the lines of "too much information". Some may find this helpful.

In Australia some of the public amenities are shall we say, less than savoury. You want to touch as little surface area as possible. Combined that with tall motorcycle boots and I have a problem. You see I can't push my motorcycle trousers very far down when going to the gents. So I need to remove my boots before going to the gents. Even if there is enough room; often there is not, its not pleasant as the toilet floor is disgusting.

When on holiday in the USA recently, I was lucky enough to pick up some nice Alpinestars Ridge Waterprrof boots at a slight discount:

These boots are great for solving this dilemna as they only come up over the ankle by about 15 centimetres. As it turns out, they are quite good for walking around in without looking like a Thunderbirds pilot. They are also more comfortable on the bike for long distances as well. Other advantages include that I can wear these with smaller socks in lieu of the long hiking socks that I have been wearing and they are also easier and faster to remove; great after a long day's ride. So yes, another unsolicited endorsement.

Tomorrow the film festival starts and it looks like good fun.

In case it seems I forgot; Happy Valentines Day.