Day Four - The trip with no name - Monday 11 Feb 2013

Here he is, my travelling companion:

His name is "Shotgun" and he joined our family at our oldest son's graduation from the Queensland Police Academy in 2012. So just beware, my bike is protected by a shotgun.

Now for something completely different. Have you ever noticed the state of many of Australia's public amenities? Not very good I'm afraid; and I am someone who likes good hygiene. So to help me out, I sewed this little bag together. It holds a roll of very nice toilet paper and hand sanitizer. May I suggest though, the next time a local, state or federal government wants to have a job creation scheme; how about a network of nicely built and maintained amenities, say every 50 kilometres or so along every highway. What a boost to improving life for truckies; what a boost for internal tourism, I wonder how embarrasing the current state is for overseas tourists? Surely we can do better. Anyhow, that's my rant and here is my little luxury:

Now for some statistics. Since starting this trip, I've travelled 1,212 kilometres and used 47.17 litres of fuel. This comes to an average of 25.69 kilometres per litre.

Previously this bike would average out to around 20 kilometres per litre. Those who have looked up the details on this bike would know that I have played around with the induction and exhaust and that I am currently running 115 main jets with adjustbale needles on the clip on the third or centre groove. So I can move it down towards the needle end one more to make the bike run more rich if needed, but certainly would not want to run it more lean, based on previous experimentation.