Goombungee Kindy Ride - 27 October 2012

Saturday 27 October 2012, my second time on the annual ride to raise funds for the Kindergarten and childcare centre at Goombungee. Last year's ride was an absolute hoot and so I was looking forward to this one. On top of the actual ride it was a chance to catch up with my cousin Peter, his wife Lynn and cousin-in-law Kerri.

Things did not go according to plan as I had hoped to ride up on Friday and stay up at Peter and Lynn's place on Friday night. For a week in which I had only one day booked in for work, I ended working right up until Friday afternoon at 2:30 and thus riding up to the farm was now not going to happen. No matter, left Saturday morning at 6:00 AM and arrived up at Goombungee with plenty of time to spare. Even had time to take some photos on the way:

Halfway between Goombungee and Kingsthorpe, just past the Al Paca farm.
The ride itself crossed through Crows Nest, Cooyar, Maclagan, Kaimkillenbun and Quinalow, finally heading back to the Goombungee showgrounds for an overnight stay with band etc. A Car and Bike Show was on the next day.
Kerri and Peter enjoying the ride

About 57 bikes and 67 riders and pillions showed up. A really nice bunch of people.

This BMW R1100RS is in immaculate condition and highlights the true essence of form and function in a bike.

Back at the Goombungee Showgrounds.

Unfortunately due to commitments on Sunday, I had to head back but next year I will try to stay overnight. The trip back was a bit soggy with the V-Star living up to its reputation as the Rainmaker. Whilst mentioning the bike, it was great to feel that the jetting changes are all fine, giving that little bit extra power in the higher regions. I could probably go forward ( richer ) one clip when at home at sea level and leave it the way it is for everywhere else. The luggage all seems to work fine but I broke a clip when I got home going around the side of the house and so will replace that and similar clips with carabineers perhaps. The other straps I have sewn on held onto ths saddle bag just fine and so I know I have good redundacy on the bags.

Overall though, about 700 kms riding, meeting up with some great friends, even an old face from my time in the RAAF at Amberley. I recommend this ride to anyone for a great day out. See you next year.