Grace Lutheran Church Ride 15 July 2012

Who would have thought it. I belong to a church full of revhead!

Straight after the service on Sunday 15 July 2012, four Harleys, one BMW 1600 and my little V-Star lined up to travel to the Bellbird Cafe outside Kenilworth. Not to mention two carloads of happy punters, including a classic jet black Monaro.

The ride out was OK, but as this was the first time out as a group, we kept it all on the tame side. The cars and BMW travelled a more standard route and the remainder up through Glasshouse Mountains, Landsborough, Maleny and finally Kenilworth. On the way back the Harleys led the way and we tried some more interesting roads. It is clear to me though that the V-Star, the Rainmaker, needs more power. Next time out I may take the Suzuki DR800.

Lunch at the Bellbird Cafe was great; fantastic spot and the staff and owners are so enthusiastic. If you have never been there, this is an error in judgement - your judgement - that you must rectify.