9th Annual Australian Horizon Unlimited Travellers Meeting

Star Date: Friday 8 June 2012 to Sunday 10 June 2012
Location: Memorial Showgrounds, Dayboro, Queensland, Australia

Captain's Log:

Corny way to start a blog post, I had to find some way of putting in the pertinent details.

Here's another way of putting in the details ... What is the best way to spend a long weekend? How about with 130 of your best motorcycle riding mates, hearing about there travels across the globe, how they managed to meet some of the nicest people you could imagine in places like Siberia, Mongolia, even down-town London?

So here's the story. Horizons Unlimited arranges meetings across the globe for like-minded travellers to get together, share stories - most of them are true - have a few laughs and enjoy the company of like minded people. Most are motorcycle riders but there are four-wheel-drivers as well. For this meeting, we started to turn up on Friday and people kept coming until Sunday morning. The schedule included presentations on riding through Mongolia, Siberia, how to meet people along the way, how to turn your blog into a book worthy of publication, how to keep your IT equipment safe and working and how to cope with riding in the middle east as a lone female rider ... and many more.